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We build and repair your bicycle or motorbike spoked wheels
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We build custom rims and spoked wheels for all makes of motorcycles.

Loose Spokes

We can tighten up loose wheel spokes for you and make sure you're road safe.


We repair bicycle spoke wheels and build bespoke wheels for your bike too.

Wheel Spokes

We supply all wheel spokes as well as the nipples so your wheel is complete.

Wheel Rims

All rims are supplied and made true, for your peace of mind.

Wheel Bearings

All wheel bearings are supplied and fitted by us, making your life simpler.

Take advantage of our wheel expertise and contact us today to help with your bike rim project

About Wilde Wheels

Whether you own a motorbike or a bicycle Wilde Wheels is here to help with your spoke wheel requirements. Based in London we offer spoke wheel services to the surrounding Sussex, Surrey, Kent and South East Areas with a postal return service for those based further afield.

We can custom design and build your bike spoke wheels, as well as do repairs and re-tightened loose spokes. All wheel builds are supplied complete with nipples and wheel bearings, with a rim trued service as well. With several years of spoke wheel build and repair experience you can trust Wilde Wheels for your next spoke wheel project.

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